Global Montessori International School

Serving Berkeley and the Bay Area, our preschool is dedicated to providing immersive bilingual Montessori education in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Our Program

At GMIS, we follow Montessori methods, and teach everything from the most basic life skills (potty training!) all the way through reading and writing in English and Chinese. Flexible hours include full and half day options.


The Montessori program is based on the belief that children learn best through their own drive to learn about their world. Montessori methods provide the foundation for everything we teach at GMIS.

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Students learn to speak, read and write Mandarin Chinese and English in an immersion Montessori environment. Every student at GMIS has teachers with whom they will speak only Mandarin, as well as teachers with whom they will speak only English. No prior Chinese language is necessary.

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We accompany each child's education in Mandarin language with fun activities inspired by Chinese culture. For example, the children practice and perform a Chinese New Year program of song and dance. In class the children even have the opportunity to prepare traditional Chinese foods, like moon cake and dumplings.

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Children at GMIS enjoy a range of enrichment activities, ranging from weekly soccer classes to special instruction in music, art, and mindfulness. Students also have the opportunity to spend time in our garden.

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Our Campus


Each of our two programs —Young Children’s House and Children’s House — features a spacious, bright classroom. In keeping with the school’s Montessori teaching philosophy, all materials are easily accessible to the students to allow them to select the work that interests them the most.


Outside, the campus features a playground for both organized and informal outdoor play and activities. Our garden includes an edibles area that allows children to plant, touch, see and eventually taste the fruits of their labor. The garden is primarily cared for by the children, who help their teachers and adult volunteers to plant, water, and harvest.

Music/Dance Room

Our school also includes a music and dance room featuring a dance floor and special instructional Montessori instruments as well as traditional instruments.

Our Team

Our teachers and staff are the heart of what we do at GMIS. We employ talented Montessori teachers from a variety of diverse backgrounds who all share a passion for children and education. Vivi Teng founded GMIS in 2007 and has operated the school with love ever since.

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