The GMIS Parent Organization

At GMIS, we are honored to have the GPO, a community of parents committed to making GMIS families' preschool experience the best it can possibly be. Check the GPO page frequently for information on fun activities with families, volunteer opportunities, fundraisers and more. A great resource for all GMIS parents.

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Resources & Books

A number of books related to child development and the Montessori method are available to families from our library.

Andy and His Daddy

Aline D. Wolf

Subtitled "A book for children and their parents", it shows how a toddler can participate in everday activities with his father. Young readers can enjoy reading the text themselves.

At Home With Montessori

Patricia Oriti

This book helps parents step back and view their home through the eyes of their child to help make life in the home a cooperative effort.

A Book About Anna

Aline D. Wolf

Accompanied by numerous photographs, this story about one day in the life of young Anna illustrates how a child develops concentration, coordination, and independence.

Dr. Montessori's Own Handbook: A Short Guide to Her Ideas and Materials.

Maria Montessori

An introduction to Montessori materials.

The First Three Years of Life

Burton L. White

A parenting classic, this text is packed with information about how children develop and what their needs are.

Look at the Child

Aline D. Wolf

Black and white photographs depicting children in common situations are accompanied by Montessori quotes.

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