I was born in the country side of Taiwan (Hsin-wu) where I spent the first 16 years of my life with my farmer parents and 8 siblings (I am the youngest one!). Living with nature allowed me to enrich my life with an appreciation and love for the people and environment. As a child, my teachers played a tremendous role in nurturing my passion for learning. Because of the influence from my teachers, I took it upon myself to make a difference in the lives of young children – a goal which serves as one of my top priorities in my teaching career. After I graduated from Taipei Teachers University, the first school I taught at was a bilingual international school in Tangmu. After two years, I moved to Tucheng (20 minutes away from Taipei), where I was the academic director of the Ming-Ren Bilingual Preschool. I was also the owner of Ming-Shine English Language School, where I developed the first English program and established the first bilingual school in the Tucheng area. After 1998, I moved to the U.S. and started my Montessori certificate training. I taught at Bayside Montessori School in Alameda as a preschool teacher for one year. I earned my Master’s degree in Montessori Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Saint Mary’s College and continued my teaching career at Pacific Rim International School as the Elementary Chinese teacher. In May 2004, I established an English language program, located in Berkeley, for college students who come from around the world to study. I garnered valuable experience in both Taipei and the United States, which has allowed me to familiarize myself with different personalities and learning styles. I dreamt that one day I would open a bilingual Montessori school that incorporated the values of the Montessori philosophy and emphasize the value of a demographically diverse community. Thus, I have dedicated my time and efforts to the Berkeley community through various projects and businesses. I hope to make a difference in the global community and the world with my positive outlook in life. I enjoy teaching kids, reading, shopping and watching movies.

I grew up in Bath, England. While spending time with family and neighbors, I developed a love of helping young children. I earned my Nursery Nurses Examination Board Certificate in Clifton, Bristol, which enabled me to fulfill two of my passions, caring for children and traveling. I have enjoyed working with families in Turkey, Switzerland, France, and the United States. After living in Los Angeles for several years, I moved to the Bay Area and taught a summer art program in a Montessori school. I was quickly inspired by the Montessori philosophy which led me to receive my Montessori Early Childhood Education Certificate from Saint Mary’s. I have enjoyed being part of the teaching team at GMIS for the past eight years.

I grew up in Shenzhen, a beautiful city in South China. After graduating from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with a BA in French in 2011, I came to New York and gained my Master degree in Early Childhood Education in 2013. These two years' study introduced me to different educational approaches and gave me opportunities to work with students of different ages and diverse cultural backgrounds. After that, I worked in Boston as a Head teacher in a Montessori inspired Mandarin Immersion school for the past 2 years. My goal as a teacher is to keep working on integrating different subjects such as music, dance, drama, science into language teaching. I believe students learn best when they are having fun and doing authentic tasks. From my perspective, teaching can be both challenging and fulfilling, and I just enjoy so much working with children. About myself, I love singing, dancing, traveling, cooking and being creative. I play Guzheng (the Chinese Zither) and electronic organ. I plan to begin my official Montessori training in Fall 2015.

I have been teaching children from toddler through middle school age in the Montessori field for 18 years. I have received an MA in Early Childhood Education and also have both primary and elementary Montessori training at Saint Mary’s college. Working with children and sharing part of my life with them is something that is simply a joy to me. I believe that children and adults are each living in a different kind of consciousness and that we can each learn from and support each other in many ways. It is an honor for me to work with GMIS children in this coming school year. In this precious year that I will be teaching at GMIS Children’s House class and mindfulness class, I am hoping to share my passion with your children through mindfulness education and an artful approach to Mandarin language. I look forward to sharing some insights from my teaching experiences with the other teachers in the GMIS team as well as benefiting from their perspectives.

I grew up in the Bay Area and graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in physical geography. Growing up with many younger cousins and working continuously with children, I have always appreciated the energy and excitement that children have about the world around them. After graduating, I worked in a preschool for children with autism, joined and traveled with an AmeriCorps program, taught math and science in elementary school, and worked in kindergarten before coming here last year. I completed my Early Childhood Montessori credential at St. Mary’s and am currently working on my masters in Early Childhood Education.

I was born in Taiwan. After completing high school I moved to Japan and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics from Shizuoka University. I then came to America to study Early Childhood Education in San Francisco State University. I received my Master’s degree in Montessori Education for both Primary and Elementary training. I also obtained my Montessori Credential for the Primary level from Saint Mary’s College of California. I have worked for more than a decade at Berkeley Montessori School (now The Berkeley School), followed by two more years in a public Montessori charter school, Urban Montessori, in Oakland as a founding teacher. In addition, I have been teaching Mandarin to young children for many years at East Bay Chinese School. These diverse and dynamic environments and experiences have greatly strengthened my skills as a teacher, and have filled me with humbling and grateful feelings for the opportunities that I had to develop my vocational wish as an educator. I practice meditation which I use as a tool in my classrooms to foster mindfulness. I always try to instill appreciation for others and for nature. I believe that working at GMIS, a bilingual Montessori school, will deeply enrich my practice and benefit the children.

My name, Hsiao Lung, means little dragon in Chinese. I was from Taiwan. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education in 1998, after few years of teaching. I never stopped learning since I have worked with children because I know that being a good teacher is always increasing knowledge. I love my job, which is very meaningful. We can make a big difference in the early ages that fulfill with true heart, sincere love, and pure motive to absorb this world. The last six years I put myself to be a toddler teacher. This experience is extremely treasure to me. I was able to see how children developing their Autonomy and Initiative in this stage. We didn’t have this opportunity to observe these ages in group setting in my country. I kept enroll in classes and had my Program Director permit in 2012. My philosophy of teaching is “Respect Children.” It is build on value each child as an individual and trust them. Trust is also tied with understanding and knowledge of child development. I also love to be part of diverse and welcome in the school.

I came from Taiwan. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Care and Education in Taiwan and received a teacher’s credential. I worked in a public Kindergarten for several years. I then got my Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language from Kent State University in Ohio, where I was also a teaching assistant at the Child Development Center. I enjoy working with children and have been teaching in Young Children House at GMIS for three years. I obtained my Early Childhood Montessori Teacher Certificate this year.

I was born and raised in Taiwan. I graduated from San Jose State University with a B.A. degree in Child and Adolescent Development and minored in Creative Art. I am well experienced in working with children ages 2 to 5 in different environment settings such as Montessori preschools, public school, art class and so on. I have obtained my Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Credential this year. I believe that every child is a unique individual with great potential, and teachers are like gardeners: Gardeners know that plants grow themselves, but they can create the right conditions for plants to grow. Teaching is like gardening work. Provide the best conditions for growth, and you’ll see an abundant harvest of talent, commitment, imagination, and creativity in children.

I was born in Tianjin China. I finished my accounting degree at the Tianjin Specialized Accounting College in 1983 and worked in the business world until 1996, when I decided to move to San Francisco. Since then I have started my own family while working in the daycare industry, all the while studying day care at the Bananas center, working on getting my license and daycare/teaching credentials. During the past 10 years, I have worked privately with many children ages ranging from infant to 6 year olds. I am at present still working on my teacher’s credentials and taking Early Childhood Development classes at the City College of San Francisco.

I have a master degree in Public Health from UC Berkeley and a Ph.D. in Behavioral Science from the University of California, San Francisco. I joined a research organization in Berkeley and worked on various research projects centering on social and environmental influences on substance use and other problem behaviors among youths. Starting from April 2009 while I was still a researcher, I volunteered as a Chinese teacher at the Instilling Goodness School at the Gold Mountain Monastery in San Francisco. As my involvement in teaching increased, my interest gradually shifted and my desire to work with young children grew. I enrolled in certificate program to sharpen my language teaching skills. Currently, I am an administrative staff at GMIS during weekdays. On weekend, I teach Mandarin language to kindergarten-age children at the Tzu Chi Academy, an affiliation of the Tzu Chi Buddhist Relief Foundation.

Lee-Na Chang (Lee Lao Shi) is from Taiwan and brings with her over 25 years of teaching experience as a fully accredited, Montessori pre-school teacher as well as music teacher. She has worked at Berkeley Montessori School, Global Montessori International School (GMIS), Yu-Ming Charter School and Urban Montessori Charter School. She has hosted and mentored observers and student teachers from Montessori training programs at St. Mary’s College. She holds official certificates from the American Montessori Society (AMS) for pre-primary education and elementary education. She holds a bachelor of arts degree from the National Taiwan University in history, and a master of education degree from St. Mary’s College. She is also a certified Orff Music Education Instructor (levels 1-3), as well as a recently certified horticultural therapist.